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Welcome, here is some information About Us!!!

Military Family Support Fund (MFSF) is a foundation created to support military families in their hour of need. As a part of what we do we like to help other charities, foundations, and non-profit organizations to fundraise and learn how to bring in the kind of money that makes their good work possible. MFSF does everything from give direct monetary gifts, to buying needed items, or whatever the families of our fighting men and women might need.

SMS Text messaging fundraising has been hugely successful for us and we want to pass on the fundraising ability and business partnerships to other organizations that need to create a powerful donors list and fundraise like the pros. Large organizations can text a variety of people and watch the dollars roll in. What about small organizations that need to build a donors list or need to raise money quickly without having to embark on a large campaign.

How do we do it? We are like any charity and we network and we create partnerships with private companies who believe in our cause. This new matching funds texting opportunity is a product of these partnerships. We hope that you benefit as much as we have from these partnerships.


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